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“Discover How To Unlock Your Athlete’s Hidden Potential With The IYCA’s Athletic Mindset Mastery”

Finally, A Step-by-Step System for Coaching Young Athletes To Have More Confidence, Greater Focus, Enhanced Mental Toughness and Manage Adversity

Dear Coach:

Have you ever worked with an athlete who looked like he or she should excel but never really reached their potential?

You know, that athlete who is strong and fast and has the ideal work ethic but once they step on the field or the court and they struggle?

And what about those athletes who perform well when things are going good, but as soon as something goes wrong they turn into a completely different athlete?

What’s The Problem?

Do you think this is a mechanical issue?  Did they suddenly get slower or weaker?

I think you’d agree that, assuming the athlete had decent mechanics and they were fast and strong before the game started, the shortcomings in their on the field performance were symptoms of something else.

Something that coaches don’t often focus on when they’re designing programs.

The mind. 

This is an athletic mindset issue.  Maybe the athlete failed to keep their composure.  They lost their confidence and focus. They weren’t focused on "one play at a time." 

Without mastery of their mindset an athlete stands little chance of reaching their full potential on the field or on the court.

All the work you did to make them stronger, faster and more powerful instantly becomes far less valuable the minute that athlete’s emotions gets the best of them.

The Solution

That’s not why you coach.  You care about your athletes and you want them to perform on the field, not just in the weight room.  You want them to have a great experience playing their sport. 

So with that in mind, coaching speed and power only and hoping your athletes can keep their focus and composure when the game is on the line is leaving the mental game to chance.

This is not an option for you as a coach.

I’ve dedicated my professional life to helping people win the mental game and I’d like to share with you some of what I’ve learned.

Let’s take a moment and get a better understanding at what’s really going on…

The Physical Game and the Mental Game.

As an IYCA Coach you’re well schooled in the Physical Game.

You know about Long Term Athletic Development and how to write effective programs.

But for most athletes, how well they do with their Mental Game determines how well they do with their Physical Game.

Confidence.  Focus.  Composure. The ability to master the mental side of the game so that they can let their talent and skills show through.

If the Mental Game is So Important, Why Don’t Coaches Train the Mental Game And Only Train the Physical Game?

At the IYCA we believe that the only thing that’s preventing you from integrating the ‘mental game’ into your training as full as you could is that you haven’t been provided with the right education on how to do it.

You need a system or a proven approach that will allow you to coach confidence, focus and consistency.  And that’s where Athletic Mindset Mastery comes in.

We’ve leaned on IYCA Expert and 2012 Coach of the Year Melissa Lambert to compile the IYCA’s concepts on improving the ‘inner game’ for young athletes into a simple resource that you can take and immediately apply help your athletes with confidence, focus and consistency.  It provides you with a foundation for teaching the mental game. 

You’ll be confident you know what you’re coaching once you’ve completed the Athletic Mindset Mastery program and apply the strategies and tactics Melissa shares.

Here’s what you’ll get in Athletic Mindset Mastery:

Module One: Understanding Sport Psychology And It’s Implications For Athletes

  • Brief history and its practicality in modern day
  • Mindset of sport psychology vs. coaching
  • Importance of relationship with athletes
  • Leadership and group cohesion
  • Motivation
  • Difference between stress and anxiety
  • The impacts of pressure on athletic performance 

Module Two: Enhancing Mental Toughness and Performance

  • Toughness training
  • Self-confidence
  • Concentration
  • Goal setting
  • Coping skills
  • Imagery
  • Positive Thinking

Module Three: Enhancing Health and Well-being

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep patterns
  • Substance abuse
  • Injury recovery
  • Overtraining
  • Need for play

Module Four: Understanding Mental Disorders

  • Prevalence of disorders in children and adolescents
  • Type of disorders and symptoms
  • Case Studies

Once you’ve implemented this simple and effective approach to helping your athletes achieve the Athletic Mindset they will:

  • Take control of their own confidence levels and no longer be victims of their circumstances
  • Stay focused in any situation
  • Be able to recover quickly from any mistakes they make
  • Play consistently at or near their best

PLUS Two Incredible Bonuses:

Athletic Mindset Case Studies – 3 case studies- a professional athlete, a concepts discussed throughout the product apply in each case and gives ideas on how to approach working with those types of athletes in your own coaching environment.

Coach’s Athletic Mindset Tools – Your own set of tools to help get the most out of your athletes from a psychological perspective. Includes various games, communication techniques, and a concentration grid.

It doesn’t matter the sport, gender or age – your athletes will benefit greatly from gaining the Athletic Mindset. 

How Much Does ‘Athletic Mindset Mastery’ Cost?

Order the IYCA’s “Athletic Mindset Mastery” program today and receive this key to unlocking your athletes’ hidden potential for only $79.95.

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We insist you order the ‘Athletic Mindset Mastery’ entirely at our risk.

If you are not 100% thrilled with the ‘Athletic Mindset Mastery’ Program, simply let us know and we’ll refund your entire purchase price for up to a full year – that’s 365 days.

With the promise of a full refund if you’re not satisfied, there is absolutely NO RISK on your part.

The IYCA’s Athletic Mindset Mastery is truly a resource that must be in any coach’s library. Regardless of your athletes’ physical prowess, without the proper mindset their success will be limited.

By integrating Mindset Training into your performance development plan you’ll not only make your training more complete for the athletes that you coach, but you’ll also be giving them the edge that not 1 in 100 other coaches are providing.

We at the IYCA believe that this is truly the missing piece to the puzzle when you’re helping the young people you serve reach their potential, which is why we guarantee this program for a full 365 days after you purchase. So give your young athletes the edge they deserve and implement Athletic Mindset Mastery into your training program today.


Make today great,


Julie Hatfield
Executive Director
International Youth Conditioning Association


P.S. – If you are not 100% thrilled with the ‘Athletic Mindset Mastery’ program, simply return the program and we will refund your entire purchase price for up to a full year – that’s 365 days. With the promise of a full refund if you’re not satisfied, there is absolutely NO RISK on your part.